Two new regional R&D projects awarded

Two new R&D projects belonging to the Madrid R&D technology programme have just been awarded to IMDEA Materials Institute. IMDEA Materials will coordinate the DIMMAT project (Multi-scale design of advanced materials), led by Dr. Maria Teresa Pérez-Prado.  Our research center is

Laura Agudo awarded best student poster award at COSIRES 2014 conference

The poster entitled "Object Kinetic Monte Carlo studies of materials under helium ions irradiation", presented by Ms. Laura Agudo has been awarded at COSIRES 2014 conference. COSIRES (Computer Simulation of Radiation Effects in Solids) is a major international forum to present and discuss

New incorporation – Dr. Xin Wang

Position: Research Associate PhD: University of Science and Technology, China Research: Multifunctional fire retardant polymeric materials Contact:

Members of EURAXESS network

IMDEA Materials Institute recently joined EURAXESS Service Network so as to provide assistance to incoming and out-going researchers. Learn more about EURAXESS

Transfer to the permanent seat of IMDEA Materials

  Since last July 23th, all research and development activities of IMDEA Materials Institute have been moved to its final site in the Scientific and Technological Park Tecnogetafe, located at sixteen kilometers to the south of Madrid city. The new building has a total floor area of 9,000 m2

Towards a new generation of materials

The atoms of metals are organized in ordered structures denominated crystal lattices. The geometry of the latter depends of the nature of the material as well as of temperature and pressure. At room temperature and atmospheric pressure, pure metals like gold, aluminium and copper have cubic

Designing advanced materials in a faster and more effective way

DIMMAT Project has published the new "Designing advanced materials in a faster and more effective way" (Diseñar materiales avanzados de manera más rápida y efectiva) in the industrial magazine "Metales y Metalurgia" This project is funded by the Comunity of

2016 ESCM young investigator award for Dr. Juan José Vilatela

Dr. Juan José Vilatela, leader of the research program on "Nanomaterials for Multifunctional Applications" at IMDEA Materials, has received the young investigator award from the European Society of Composite Materials (ESCM). This award recognizes the accomplishments of a young researcher who has

Irene de Diego awarded best PhD Thesis by VDEh

Dr. Irene de Diego Calderon has received the Young Academics’ European Steel Award from the Association of German Steel Manufacturers (VDEh) for her PhD thesis “Mechanical properties of advanced high-strength steels produced via quenching and partitioning”, which has been

Arc melting and casting furnace available

An arc furnace is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. This equipment (Arc 200, Arcast Inc.) allows melting, alloying, casting, rapid solidification and atomization of reactive and high melting point elements and alloys up to 3500°C using a clean ceramic free cold crucible process.

New incorporation – Qian Liu

Position: Research Asistant (visiting) MSc.: University of Science and Technology Beijing, China Research: Metal matrix composites

New incorporation – Dr. Olben Falcó

Position: Research Associate PhD: University of Girona, Spain Research: Modelling of non-conventional composites Contact: olben.falco(AT)

Triple Roller Mill (Exakt 80 E, Exact Technologies)

Machine used to disperse fillers and additives in viscous matrix. The shearing forces to break agglomerate are generated by three hardcrome-plated rollers that rotate at different angular velocities and where gap (minimum 5 µm) and speed setting are controlled electronically. More info

Seeing is believing: X-Ray computed tomography

Polymer matrix composites are currently used in many structural applications that require a significant reduction in weight for energy and/or environmental reasons. However, despite all existing information and actual knowledge about these materials, their complex mechanical behaviour (highly


FUTURALVE is a national R&D collaborative program carried out by a consortium of companies and led by ITP. The goal of the project is to create new materials and advanced fabrication technologies for the new generation of high speed turbines. Check FUTURALVE project description Check related

Gel permeation chromatographer available

A Gel Permeation Chromatographer (GPC) is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The system (Waters) consists of a Waters 2414 refractive index detector, a Waters 2489 UV/Visible detector, a Waters 1500 column heater, and a series of Waters polystyrene GPC columns. It is used to determine

2015 APMI fellow award for Prof. José Manuel Torralba

AMPI International (non-profit professional society which promotes the advancement of powder metallurgy (PM) and particulate materials as a science) recognizes the work of Prof. José Manuel Torralba (Deputy Director of IMDEA Materials). The 2015 AMPI fellow award recipients will receive

Open position – Researcher

IMDEA Materials institute has an opening for a Researcher (tenure-track position) in the area of X-ray characterization of materials. More details and application process

New incorporation – Dr. Carmine Coluccini

Position: Research Associate PhD: Università di Bologna, Italy Research: Organic synthesis and multifunctional polymers Contact: carmine.coluccini(AT)

New incorporation – Dr. Belén Alemán

Position: Research Associate PhD: Complutense University of Madrid, Spain Research: Synthesis of advanced materials based on carbon nanotube fibres Contact: belen.aleman(AT)

Inauguration of IMDEA Materials Insitute building

Link to the complete new in Media  Speech of the IMDEA Materials Institute Director (54.8 KB) Enlaces a otros medios: Consejería de Educación, Juventud y Deporte

Digital Image Correlation

IMDEA Materials Institute has installed a Digital Image Correlation System (DCI) to perform non-contact full-field displacement mapping by means of images acquired by an optical system of stereographic cameras.

New Incorporation: Dr. Anna Hynowska

Research Associate: Novel processing of Fe-Al intermetallics. PhD: Autonomy University of Barcelona, Spain Contact:

REDISH project starts, coordinated by IMDEA Materials

REDISH is an European project funded by the Clean Sky Joint Technology Undertaking 2 within the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. The goal of the REDISH project is the development and maturation of innovative shielding able to sustain impacts from high and low energy debris caused by

Raúl Muñoz awarded best PhD Thesis by AEMAC

The PhD Thesis entitled "Mechanical Behavior of Hybrid 3D Woven Composites", carried out by Dr. Raúl Muñoz at IMDEA Materials Institute under the supervision of Dr. Carlos González and Prof. Javier Llorca, has been awarded by the Spanish Association of Composite

New incorporation – Dr. Juan Pablo Balbuena

Position: Research Associate PhD.: Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain Research: Monte Carlo simulation of epitaxial growth for semiconductors Contact: juanpablo.balbuena(AT)

Recognition of the European Mechanics Society

The status of Fellow is awarded to members who have contributed significantly to the advancement of mechanics and related fields and it was granted to Prof. LLorca in recognition for his contributions to understand the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties of materials by

NABISCO project

NABISCO project, funded by the China Scholarship Council, deals with the development of strategies to integrate macroscopic fibres and films of CNTs into structural laminate composites. The aim is to improve the mechanical properties of traditional fibre-reinforced polymer composites, while

TK-COBALT project

The objective of this investigation, with a focus on the Co-base high temperature alloys and funded by the China Scholarship Council, aims at developing a robust high throughput diffusion couple technique. The new technique will enable fast mapping of such information as phase

Dr. De-Yi Wang selected as Associated Editor of RSC Advances

Dr. De-Yi Wang, head of the High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites group at IMDEA Materials Institute, has been selected as Associate Editor of "RSC Advances" since October 2015. RSC Advances is a high impact journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. RSC Advances is an international,

New incorporation – Raquel García

Position: Project Manager Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering, University of León, Spain MBA: International University of La Rioja, Spain

New incorporation – Evgeny Senokos

Position: Research Asistant MSc.: Lomonosov Moscow University, Russia Research: Nanostructured supercapacitors Contact: evgeny.senokos(AT)

New incorporation – Dr. Andrey Sarikov

Position: Research Associate PhD: V. Lashkarev Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Ukraine Research: Epitaxial growth of SiGe and III-V materials Contact: andrey.sarikov(AT)

Research collaboration with Eurocopter España S.A.

The goal of this research collaboration is to identify and select new material concepts for possible use and incorporation into the future rear fuselages which operate at high temperature. See Pre-HITMAAS project description

Defense of the first doctoral thesis entirely carried out at IMDEA Materials

The thesis entitled "Micromechanical Characterization and Simulation of the Effect of Environmental Aging in Structural Composite Materials” represents the first doctoral thesis fully developed at the IMDEA Materials facilities since its research activities started at the beginning of

Miguel Angel Valdés

Research Assistant: High-strength steels. Contact:

New incorporation – Dr. Sarra Haouala

Position: Postdoctoral Researcher Phd:  Engineering  Sciences Polytechnic school of Louvain, Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium Research "Virtual Design, Virtual Processing and Virtual Testing of Metallic Materials"

New incorporation – Dr. David Portillo

Position:Visiting Research Associate PhD.: Polytechnic University of Madrid Research: Computational solid mechanics Contact: david.portillo(AT)

IMDEA researchers participate in COST action FLARETEX

The High Performance Nanocomposites group lead by Dr. De-Yi Wang participates in COST action MP1105: Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals (FLARETEX). Dr. De-Yi Wang was appointed as the National Representative from

Multifunctional Fibre Nanocomposites

The Multifunctional Nanocomposites group of IMDEA Materials Institute, led by Dr. Juan José Vilatela, has been awarded a prestigious Marie Curie Action Grant (CIG) to carry out a four-year research project on design and processing of Multifunctional Carbon Nanotube Fibre Nanocomposites. See MUFIN

New horizons for continuum materials simulations

Dr. Jerusalem, head of the Computational Mechanics of Materials group, analyze the current situation of the continuum simulations in the materials field. Link to the complete text: Madri+d

Dr. Hong Liu

PhD: University of Monash, Australia. Contact:

Phd Defense -Francisca Martínez Hergueta

The defense of the PhD thesis of Francisca Martínez " "Multiscale analysis of the mechanical behaviour of needle-punched nonwoven fabrics"   will take place on Friday, February 5th at 12 noon at the E. T. S. de Ingenieros de Caminos of the Polytechnic

PhD defense – Mehdi Rahimian

Mr. Mehdi Rahimian will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Physical simulation of investment casting of Mar-M247 Ni-based superalloy" next Monday 13th  of July, at 12:00 h in Carlos III University,  (aula de Grados), Leganés Campus  (Madrid).

New incorporation – Zhi Li

Position: Research Assistant MSc.: Shanghai Jiang Tong University, China Research: New Generation Fire Retardant Materials Contact:

PhD defense – Rafael Soler

Size effect in LiF plasticity: new insights into the lattice resistance contribution - 16 Jun 2014

Prof. Javier LLorca elected to the Academia Europaea

Javier LLorca, director of IMDEA Materials Institute and professor of Materials Science at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, has been elected to the Academia Europaea in the Physics and Engineering section. The election took place during the Academy Council held in Wroclaw on September, 16th.

R&D agreement with Pennsylvania State University

IMDEA Materials Institute y Pennsylvania State University has signed a two years colaboration agreement to promote joint research and development activities in the areas of processing, charaterization and simulation of advanced materials. In addition, this agreement opens a new range of

Interview to IMDEA Materials Director, Prof. Javier Llorca

"Only enterprises investing in technology will survive" Link to the complete text: Madridiario El profesor Javier Llorca, doctor ingeniero de Caminos, es catedrático y responsable del grupo de investigación en “Materiales Estructurales Avanzados y Nanomateriales” de la Universidad

NANOLAM project

NANOLAM project is part of a collaborative research effort between IMDEA Materials and Arizona State University in order to study the high temperature nanoindentation and micropillar compression behavior of Al/SiC nanolaminates. Check the whole description of the NANOLAM project

HIPREP project

The objective of this investigation, funded by the China Scholarship Council, is to develop high performance reinforced fire-retardant polymers via special molecular design, chemical functionalization of the reinforced fibers and advanced polymer processing. The fire behaviours, mechanical

Exporting excellent science

Our internationalization strategy, based on mid-long term partnerships with key companies, highlighted in madri+d website. Read the whole story (ES)

Fatigue testing system available

A fatigue testing system is now available at IMDEA Materials Institute. The system (INSTRON 8802, INSTRON) allows a broad range of static and dynamic test applications from basic metals to larger scale component testing. Typical applications of this servohydraulic machines include fracture

Dr. De-Yi Wang elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Dr. De-Yi Wang has been recently elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Founded in 1841, RSC is the largest organization in Europe for chemical scientists and advancing the chemical sciences. RSC partners with industry and academia, advises governments on policy, and promotes the

MicroTest project

MicroTest is an industrial contract with the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) to study the mechanical properties and the fracture behavior in correlation with the microstructure using real parts and specimens produced in industrial conditions. See MicroTest project description.

Best doctoral theses from the Carlos III University of Madrid

The PhD Thesis entitled "High Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Al/SiC Nanoscale Multilayers" and “In-situ analysis of the high temperature deformation and fracture mechanisms of a ɣ-TiAl alloy", carried out by Drs. Saeid Lotfian and Rocío Muñoz at IMDEA

Dr. Ilchat Sabirov awarded at NanoSPD6 conference

Dr. Ilchat Sabirov, head of the Physical Simulation group at IMDEA Materials Institute, has received the Young Researcher Award for outstanding contribution to nano-severe plastic deformation research at the NanoSPD6 conference held past June 30 – July 4 2014 in Metz (France). 

Dr. Yuwen Cui elected as ASM committee member

During the past TMS2014 annual meeting and exhibition (San Diego, USA, 16-20/02/2014), Dr. Yuwen Cui was appointed as committee member of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram (APD) for the next three years. ASM International is a materials science and engineering society where materials users,

Success in the final FP7 calls

IMDEA Materials Institute is achieving great success in the last calls of the 7th Framework Programme. To date, our researchers have secured 6 R&D projects belonging to different lines of this programme: MICROMECH project (Clean Sky I JTI (Joint Technology Initiative)) MODENA, ICMEG and

MultiComp network

Our Institute participates in COST action MultiComp, which is designed to bring together theorists, experimentalists and industrialists in the field of nano-carbon materials technology. See the whole description of the MultiComp network.

New incorporation – Dr. Jun-Hao Zhang

Position: Research Associate PhD.: University of Science and Technology of China, China, USA Research: Environmentally friendly fire retardant nanocomposites Contact: junhao.zhang(AT)

New incorporation – Daniel del Pozo

Position: Research Assistant BEng: Technical University of Madrid, Spain Research: Modeling of ice impact on jet turbines Contact: daniel.pozo(AT)

New incorporation – Dr. Bin Gan

Position: Research Associate PhD: Illinois Institute of Technology, EEUU Research: Micromechanics of superalloys Contact: bin.gan(AT)

Madrid, world hub of light metals

In order to significantly reduce environmental burdens, lightweight metals and alloys play an increasingly important role because of their high specific strength and stiffness, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. Among them, magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), and titanium (Ti) alloys are widely

Eva Moreno completed her Master thesis with Honors

The research project “Grain size and temperature effect on mechanical behavior of an aluminum alloy”, have been supervised by the leader of the Physical Simulation Group of IMDEA Materials Institute, Dr. Ilchat Sabirov.