SUSTAINABLE POWDER Technologies group

The Sustainable Powder Technologies group, works on the development of materials through technologies based on the powder route, taking advantage of using efficiently the raw materials, the extreme microstructural optimization and the possibility of obtaining materials that are difficult or impossible to obtain by alternative methods. The group has experience in many families of alloys (such as light alloys, superalloys, steels, high entropy alloys) and powder base technolies (press and sinter, field assisted sintering, hot isostatic pressing, metal injection moulding, additive technologies –laser and binder based-).

Team members

José Manuel Torralba

Group Leader

Powder Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy

Ahad Mohammadzadeh

Post-doctoral researcher

Powder Metallurgy

Xiaomei Yang

Post-doctoral researcher


Alberto Meza

Post-doctoral researcher

Powder Metallurgy

Venkatesh Sivagnana Desigan

Research Assistant

Powder Metallurgy

Highlighted projects


Funding: Regional Government of Madrid Region: Madrid Project period: 2021 – 2022 Principal Investigator: Prof. Javier Llorca ( The project MAMAP-CM presents different strategies – built on the world-class expertise...

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