Webinar on "FFT based simulations for capturing microstructure effect on the mechanical response of metals"
by Prof. Javier Segurado
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The Centre

The IMDEA Materials Institute is part of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies (IMDEA) network, a new institutional framework created to foster social and economic sustainable growth in the region of Madrid by promoting the generation of scientific knowledge and technological innovation in a number of strategic areas (water, food, energy, materials, nanoscience, networks and software). 

We are a non-profit organisation (foundation) with the Mission of doing research of excellence in material science, contributing to tackle the challenges of society and fostering the sustainable development of the region of Madrid. 

Our Vision for the future is that IMDEA Materials becomes a leading research institute, internationally recognized for its excellence in material science and its contributions to the transformation of society.

This is sustained on our three main pillars:

excellence in materials science and engineering research

attraction of talented researchers from all over the world to work in Madrid in an international and interdisciplinary environment

technology transfer to industry to increase competitiveness and maintain technological leadership


The IMDEA Materials Institute has an stablished international reputation in the areas of design, processing, characterization, modelling and simulation of advanced materials for applications in different industrial sectors with particular emphasis in transport and energy.

The IMDEA Materials Institute combines oriented fundamental research with applied research addressing the scientific and technological challenges that drive innovation in materials science and engineering. This combination provides the institute the ability to address ambitious technological challenges in collaboration with companies to create value in their products and processes.

R&D Programmes

In Figures

researchers from 21 countries
% foreign nationals researchers
direct r&d contracts with companies
EU-ERC grants
Participation in EU projects (12 as coordinator)
SCI Articles in 2020
citations in 2020
EU-Marie Curie fellows
active PhD theses

Scientific infrastructure

IMDEA Materials Institute has state-of-the-art laboratories to manufacture, characterise and simulate advanced materials and nanomaterials, including their integration in lab scale prototypes and devices.

Highlighted Projects

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December 2019 – December 2023


C/ Eric Kandel, 2
28906, Getafe, Madrid (Spain)


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Phone: (+34) 91 549 34 22
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