IP portfolio

The IMDEA Materials Institute is constantly developing new technologies and inventions based on the results of our R&D projects. Here you can find an on-line catalogue gathering the technological offer ready to be transferred to industry, other research institutions, investors or entrepreneurs. 

For all enquiries, please, contact us at techtransfer.materials@imdea.org


Seismic detection system

Sensor device that allows the detection of  seismic waves and plenty of physical magnitudes characteristic of them, through a wide range of frequencies, capable of communicating data signals in real time. The device is also mechanically robust and capable to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Opportunity: Technology license

Energy storage in multifunctional structural composite material

Laminar composite material simultaneously having excellent structural properties and high energy storage efficiency.

Opportunity: Technology license

Ultrafast charging Li-ion batteries based on nanostructured electrodes

High capacity nanostructured anodes (1D and 2D morphologies) for ultrafast-charging Li-ion batteries

Opportunity: Technology license

Ultralong life Mg batteries based on engineered cathodes

Cathodes of high capacity and ultralong life for Mg batteries.

Opportunity: Technology license

Electrode for capacitive deionization

Electrode for capacitive deionization in which the active phase and the current collector are included in a single element, i.e. a composite material.

Opportunity: Technology license

Multifunctional sensor for composite materials

Thin sensor laid between dry fabric layers and connected to a simple electrical power meter, that provides real-time information about the resin flow and the gel point during resin infusion and curing, remains embedded in the composite and can be used for structural health monitoring (SHM) and damage detection.

Opportunity: Technology license

Resistive curing of polymers and composite materials

Resistive heating of polymer formulations with a very small fraction of conductive nanocarbon materials. Processing of the polymer can be carried out with conventional power supplies, either with AC or DC.

Opportunity: Technology license

A halogen free flame retardant epoxy resin composition

New halogen free flame retardant epoxy resin with excellent mechanical properties, thermal resistance, low smoke release and good processability, which can also be used as adhesive.

Opportunity: Technology license



CAPSUL is a package of crystal plasticity and polycrystalline homogenization simulation tools.

Opportunity: Software license

FFTMAD (Fast Fourier Transform based homogenization code, MADrid)

FFT-based simulation tool developed by IMDEA Materials for computational homogenization of any heterogeneous material, such as composites, polycrystals or celular materials, by simulating the behavior of a Representative Volume Element of the microstructure.

Opportunity: Software license


Simulation tool developed within the framework of computational micromechanics by IMDEA Materials to predict the mechanical behavior of low to medium density foams with open and closed-cell microstructure

Opportunity: Software license

VIPER (VIrtual Ply propERty)

Simulation tool developed by IMDEA Materials to predict ply properties of fiber-reinforced composite materials from the properties and spatial distribution of the different phases and interfaces in the composite.

Opportunity: Software license


IRIS is an object oriented, general purpose, parallel code for computational mechanics in solid, fluid, and structural applications. It has finite element and meshless capabilities, a wide range of material models, and solvers for linear and nonlinear, stationary and transient simulations. 

Opportunity: Software license


MUESLI, a Material UnivErSal LIbrary, is a collection of C++ classes and functions designed to model material behavior at the continuum level. It is available to the material science and computational mechanics community as a suite of standard models and as a platform for developing new ones.

Opportunity: Software license