Portable, communicating impact detection and wearer condition monitoring device and system comprising the device

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Spanish patent filed

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19 December 2023


De-Yi Wang, Jie Xu, Xiang Ao, José Sánchez del Río, Tomás Sánchez Villaluenga, Alberto Brunete González, 


IMDEA Materials Institute, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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IMDEA Materials and Politécnica de Madrid have developed a device capable of identifying impacts, their magnitude and location, as well as a person’s vital signs if applied as a wearable, and transmitting these parameters via the internet.


IMDEA Materials and the UPM have developed a portable and communicated device for impact detection and monitoring of the user’s condition. When a user receives an impact on the body, the device is capable of, among other functionalities, detecting the impact, identifying the type of impact and where on the body it has occurred. It also monitors vital signs and geographic location. The device is configured to wirelessly communicate the collected impact and user status information to remote system gateways within range of the device, and these gateways communicate this information to a system control centre, where this information can be analysed in a visual and understandable form.


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