Industrial Advisory Board

The Vision of IMDEA Materials Institute is to become a leading research institute, internationally recognized for its excellence in material science and engineering and its contributions to the transformation of society. To attain this goal, IMDEA Materials has set up an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) which will provide strategical guidance to improve the relationship between the Institute and industry. The Board will explore new collaboration models, bring the scientific and technological capabilities of IMDEA Materials closer to industry and, ultimately, improve the transfer of knowledge and technology to society. Moreover, the IAB is intended to be an instrument that will facilitate the exchange of ideas between its members and the scientific staff of the Institute.

The current configuration and members of the Industrial Advisory Board are as follows:


Iñaki Ulizar Director de Ingeniería y Tecnología_v2

José Ignacio Ulizar

Director of Strategy and Technology
RDT Ingenieros

Members of the Industrial Advisory Board

Cesar Molins

Dr. César Molins

Director General
Nicolás de Abajo

Nicolás de Abajo

General Manager, Head of Global R&D Centres and Performance Optimization Leader
Rocío Muñoz_v2

Dra. Rocío Muñoz

European Metal Materials Lead
Jaime Castañeda_v2

Jaime Fernández-Castañeda

Head of Research & Technology
ITP Aero
Dr. José Sanchez IAB

Dr. José Sánchez

Former Executive Composite Expert and Central Composite Technical Authority, AIRBUS
Diego Moñux

Diego Moñux

Co-Founder and Executive Partner
SILO Company
Asuncion Butragueño_2

Asunción Butragueño

Materials & Processes, Composite Failure Analysis Expert
Javier Villacampa

Javier Villacampa

Innovation Corporate Director
Pau Turon

Dr. Pau Turón

R&D Vice President
B. Braun Group
Gonzalo Lowenberg

Gonzalo Löwenberg

Research Development and Innovation Director
Stephane Cotte

Stéphane Cotte

Technical Manager
Toyota Motor Europe
Omar Ait-Salem_2021

Omar Aït-Salem Duque

Country Manager Spain, Portugal & North Africa
David Tilbrook

David Tilbrook

Strategic Research Manager

Łukasz Żrodowski

CEO and Co-Founder
Thomas Luck 2

Thomas Lück

Director of Sales and Innovation
cirp GmbH