Who we are

The IMDEA Materials Institute, one of the seven Madrid Institutes for Advanced Studies (IMDEA), is a public research centre founded in 2007 by Madrid’s regional government. The goal of the Institute is to do research at the forefront of Material Science and Engineering, attracting talent from all around the globe, and collaborating with companies in an effort to transfer knowledge into valuable technology.

The Institute is organised into sixteen research groups, each of them participating in one or more broad research programmes. Being a medium size centre, researchers are encouraged to collaborate with other top research groups, leading to an open, collaborative environment, also drawing international scholars.

As a result of its growth, over 130 people do research at the Institute, including more than 35 post-doctoral scientists and 60 pre-doctoral students. The state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities enable the groups to do research at the forefront of Material Science and Engineering, currently publishing above 150 JCR journal articles per year.

Our continued effort to collaborate with companies has led us to sign more than 100 industrial projects. In them, we work with companies all over the world, helping to address their more complex technical challenges, transforming our know-how into better products, and tackling some of the most pressing problems in Material Science and Engineering.

In parallel, personnel that has left the Institute are now working in companies and universities inside and outside Spain, helping to improve society through a better understanding and usage of materials.