Organizational chart

The Institute is run by the Director, who is the CEO and reports to the Board of Trustees (main Governing Body of the Institute). The Director has to be a scientist, appointed by the Board of Trustees under the nomination of the Scientific Council, to reinforce the academic nature of the institution. The Director is supported by an Executive Committee made up by the Deputy Director, the General Manager and the Managers of different transversal areas (Projects/Technology, Personnel, General Services and Finance & Accounting). Each of these transversal areas is divided in the different departments that give support to the research groups of the Institute.

The research activities of the Institute are coordinated by the Scientific Director, who is supported by the Technical Committee, that includes the Director and the Deputy Director, the Research Programs Leaders and the Projects/Technology Director.

Each research programme combines the expertise of different research groups (processing, characterization and simulation) leading to a multidisciplinary effort to achieve results beyond the state-of-the-art. Moreover, knowledge transfer between different research programs is promoted by the fact that different research groups are often involved in two or more of them.

Driven by the talent of the researchers, the research programs combine cutting-edge fundamental oriented research in topics at the frontiers of knowledge with applied research encompassing the midterm interest of our industrial partners to provide long-term technological leadership

A well defined management structure, that takes care of the project’s management, technology transfer, recruitment processes, IT, accounting, etc., builds an environment in which researchers are allowed to spend most of their time doing what they do best: excellent materials science and engineering.