Sustainable Powder Technologies
Micromechanics and Nanomechanics
Deputy Director
Bio/Chemo/Mechanics of Materials
Scientific Director
Computational Solid Mechanics
Senior Researcher
Sustainable metallurgy
Senior Scientist
Structural Composites
Senior Researcher
Computational and Data-Driven Materials Discovery
Senior Researcher
Physical Simulation
Senior Researcher
Multiscale Materials Modelling
Senior Researcher
Multifunctional Nanocomposites
Senior Researcher
High Performance Polymers and Fire Retardants
Senior Researcher
In-situ processing and mechanical characterization of materials
Senior researcher
Modelling and Simulation of Materials Processing
Senior Researcher
Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine
Acoustic and Mechanical Metamaterials
Senior Researcher
Biometals, Coatings and Devices
Junior Researcher