Federico Sket

In-situ processing and mechanical characterization of materials

Dr. Federico Sket holds (since July 2015) a researcher position at the IMDEA Materials Institute as head of the “In-situ processing and mechanical characterization of materials” Group and a “Venia Docendi” at the “Master in Material Engineering” (since 2013) at the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). Previously to joining IMDEA Materials he has formed and developed his research carrier in several prestigious research centres and universities in Europe and Argentina. He has obtained his electrical engineer degree at the National University of Comahue (Argentina), where he has received a scholarship to carry out his bachelor thesis at the Technical University of Vienna -TUW- (Austria) in the field of Material Science. Later on he has joined the Max-Planck Institute for Iron Research -MPIe- (Germany) where he has carried out his PhD in mechanical and material engineering, and defended his PhD at Bochum University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, (Germany). In 2010 he has joined IMDEA Materials as a post-doc. During this period he had an international stay at TUW for 3 months as part of an integrated action from Spanish government “acción integrada del gobierno español”. Since 2015 he holds a researcher position at the IMDEA Materials Institute.

He has co-author 32 international peer reviewed publications with currently 300 citations and h-index of 10. He has contributed to >60 conferences. He has participated in 15 industrial projects, from which he acted as PI in 3 of them, and in 22 National, European and international projects funded by public calls and act as PI in three of them (H2020 programme). His teaching experience involves 11 bachelor thesis supervisions and he is currently co-supervising 3 PhD thesis and he is advisor of 1 post-doc. Additionally, 2 technician complete his team.


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The general line of his work has been the characterization of mechanical behaviour and microstructural changes of engineering materials, especially for aerospace and aeronautic applications. This is aided by the development and use of unique devices for in-situ mechanical characterization (e.g. room and high temperature tensile/compression/fatigue/creep, thermal fatigue, dynamic mechanical behavior) that can be coupled with advanced characterization techniques, such as X-ray tomography and X-ray diffraction, to provide information in four dimensions (4D) of the microstructure, deformation field, damage development, etc.

A second research line he is actively carrying out concerns the in-situ processing of materials for advanced structural applications (e.g. aeronautics, aerospace, automotive). Again, the development of unique devices that allows reproducing reliably the processing conditions while characterizing the evolution of the process with advanced characterization techniques, plays an important role in this research line. Characterization techniques such as X-ray diffraction, X-ray tomography, X-ray radiography or a combination of them are used for this purpose. This is certainly a new field of research which is emerging in the last 5 years and will play an important role in the development of new materials for advance structural applications.

  • Since 2011 Researcher at IMDEA Materials Institute, Spain.
  • 2010-2011 Postdoctoral Researcher, IMDEA Materials Institute, Spain.
  • 2006-2009 PhD, Max-Placnk Institute for Iron Research, Germany.
  • 1998-2006 Electrical Engineer, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina.
  • Coordinator of the new fast-tomography beam with focus in time-resolved in-situ experiments in the ALBA synchrotron