Device for detecting movement and/or pressure force of a first element relative to a second element

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Spanish patent filed

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15 March 2024


De-Yi Wang, Jie Xu, Xiang Ao


IMDEA Materials Institute, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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The invention concerns a device for detecting long and short duration and frequency movements, for identifying waveforms of, acceleration and external excitation forces and for detecting the spectrum of oscillating motion energies.


Systems that measure pressure, velocity, acceleration, displacement or force signals are very expensive economically speaking and none of them combine low-frequency zones with high-frequency and low-cost zones. In addition, they require batteries and the cheapest ones are neither wide bandwidth nor robust enough, as well as not being able to withstand high temperatures or high humidity.

Being related to the detection of slow ground movement or objects pressing on the sensors, such as pistons, and to meet the needs of the scientific community for low-cost, high-precision and wide-bandwidth mechanical pressure sensors, resistant in the desired case to adverse conditions, triboelectric energy nanogenerators (TENG) are proposed in this invention as an excellent tool in the different plane directions for slow and fast ground movements and also for other applications, such as in engines or electric machines with crankshafts and pistons.


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