AID4GREENEST kicks off: IMDEA Materials Institute set to play key role in the next generation of sustainable steel production

Enhanced material quality, the reduction of carbon emissions and waste generation, and reduced risks to the supply of critical raw materials. These are the three principal objectives of a new international research initiative involving 10 partners from four European countries in which IMDEA Materials Institute (Madrid, Spain) will play a key role.

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Anastasiia Mikhalchan to showcase the latest achievements in gas-phase synthesis and 1D materials at CERN

This week, Dr. Anastasiia Mikhalchan will present research from IMDEA Materials’ Multifunctional Nanocomposites research group group on the gas-phase synthesis and properties of 1D materials, which could be used under higher luminosity conditions for beam instrumentation and quality control, at the Low Density Materials for Beam Instrumentation Workshop at CERN.

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