1st edition of the “3 minutes Thesis Talk (3MT)” of IMDEA Materials

Today, 24th of March, took place at IMDEA Materials the first “3 minutes Thesis Talk ” 2022. This activity is an internationally recognized research communication competition developed by the University of Queensland in 2008. It is an activity in which doctoral students present their research projects to a non-specialized audience in just 3 minutes, focusing on what, how, and, why of your research, with a single PowerPoint slide, in language appropriate for a general audience. Due to its success, the competitions are now held annually around the world.

The jury was made up of three groups:
• José Manuel Torralba, director of IMDEA Materials
• The leaders of the IMDEA Materials program and Marco Celentani, Director of the UC3M Doctoral School
• Public

After an arduous selection work, the final result was the following:
Director’s Choice: Cillian Thomson “Creating Bioabsorbable Materials to Repair Bones”
Jury’s choice: Venkatesh Kumaran “Multi-component alloys: Defining the new age of materials”
Audience Choice: Shegufta Tahsin Upama “The effect of processing on the structure and properties of carbon nanotube fiber-based hybrids”
Congratulations to the winners!

But we would like to mention the rest of the participants since it was very difficult to reach a final result:
Guillermo Dominguez. Cardiovascular Zinc-based stent manufactured by additive manufacturing techniques (Cardio-Zinc)
Angela Castro Maria. Airways On-a-Chip
Keayvan Keramati. Using the artificial intelligence in manufacturing process
Elaheh Kazemi Khasragh. Data-driven development to accelerate innovation of structure-property relation
Maria Dolores Martin. Microstructure-Topology-Mechanical Properties relationship of 3D printed Mg-based scaolds for biomedical applications
Syed Wahaaj Ali Rizvi. Bioresorbable composite of polymer reinforced with ceramic coated magnesium fibers for orthopedic applications
Junchen Xiao. Predict the fire performance of polymer composites
Abdulmalik Yusuf. Quest for Fire-Safe Lithium-ion Batteries