A halogen free flame retardant epoxy resin composition


There is an increasing interest in the use of resistive (Joule) heating to process polymeric materials as a technology to enable rapid manufacturing, more energetically efficient fabrication, and reduced cost for repairs.

Resistive processing of polymer has direct application for adhesive bonding and for the repair of structural composites, for example.

The technology offered is based on resistive heating of polymer formulations with a very small fraction of conductive nanocarbon materials. Processing of the polymer can be carried out with conventional power supplies, either with AC or DC. Heating rates as high 740° C/min can be achieved.

Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  • Reduction in power/energy used to cure
  • Reduction in curing time
  • Suitable for repair of structural elements
    with minimum intervention
  • The conductive filler reduces polymer
    “bleeding” when used as an adhesive.

Supplementary data

Application: Fabrication of polymers and composite materials

Intellectual property rights: P201590133 Patent application in Spain. Priority date 28/06/2013

Transfer Opportunity: License of technology

Reference: B. Mas, J. P. Fernández-Blázquez, J. Duval, H. Bunyan, J. J. Vilatela; Thermoset curing through Joule heating of nanocarbons for composite manufacture, repair and soldering; Carbon; 2013, 63, 523–529.


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