Alumni Newsletter Nº2





Prof. Teresa Pérez Prado appointed as new Deputy Director

«IMDEA Materials has provided a unique opportunity both to mature as a scientist as well as to contribute to the creation and growth of a research institute in Spain»
Dr. Pérez-Prado was born in Asturias, Spain. She completed an MSc in Physics at the Complutense University in Madrid (UCM) in 1994. After a brief stay at Chemnitz University, Germany, she joined the National Center for Metals Research (CENIM, CSIC) in Madrid, Spain, whereRead more

IMDEA will organize SES 2018

The Society of Engineering Science (SES) Technical Meeting is held annually to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and information among the various disciplines of engineering and the physical and life sciences as well as mathematics. The conference has been held during 54 years in a university campus in North America (with the exception of 1972 in Israel) but the 55th edition of the Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science will be hosted by IMDEA MaterialsRead more

Success of the DYNACOMP Summer School

Young scientists and engineers have wrapped up their three-day course on the nature and structure, processing, properties and applications of composite materials at IMDEA Materials Institute in Getafe (Spain).

14 students from ATG Europe B.V., University ofRead more

2016 IMDEA Materials Imaging Contest – Meet the winners and participants 

On June 30th, the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute gave the awards to the winners of the 2016 edition of the IMDEA Materials Imaging Contest…Read more

Dr. Damien Tourret joins IMDEA Materials Institute

«Dendritic microstructures are present in nearly every piece of metal around us»

Damien Tourret received an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from INSA Toulouse (France) in 2006 and a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from École des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech, France) in 2009. Before joining IMDEA Materials,Read more

Rubén Costa awarded as European young innovator by the MIT


Rubén Costa, head of the research group on hybrid optoelectronic materials and devices at IMDEA Materials, has been awarded talented young innovator by the MIT Technology Review. Rubén Costa is leveraging his educational background to guide his work developing a lower-cost, more eco-friendly alternative to current lighting systems….Read more

Modelling superalloy behaviour to improve aircraft engine design

The MICROMECH project, part of the Sustainable and Green Engines (SAGE) Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITD) of Clean Sky, has successfully developed a multi-scale computational tool to predict the mechanical behaviour of the Ni-based superalloys used in the hottest parts of aircraft engines. This modelRead more

IMDEA Materials interviews Rocío Muñoz Moreno 

«Previous skills combined with specific technical background in the Materials Science area acquired during the PhD allowed me to accelerate my professional progress in the industry»

Rocío Muñoz Moreno finished her joint PhD (IMDEA Materials and UCM III) in 2014. Then she joined the Cambridge University’s Rolls-Royce UTC (University Technology Centre) as postdoc and currently, she is working in the HP 3D printing team in Barcelona as an R&D Materials System Integration Engineer….Read more