BIOMET4D hailed as a breakthrough in medical 3D-printing at M3d+it 2022

BIOMET4D researcher Andrés Díaz Lantada from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) has presented the evolution of 4D printing and highlighted BIOMET4D as a breakthrough in this field at the Medical 3D-Printing and Innovative Technologies (M3d+it) 2022 conference. 

The M3d+it 2023 conference, in which Prof. Lantada participated as an invited speaker, was held in Vienna Austria on December 2.

The title of Prof. Lantada’s presentation was the “Design and manufacturing strategies for multi-scale, composite, shape-morphing, and smart scaffolds: From tissue engineering constructs towards living materials”.

As part of his presentation, Prof. Lantada highlighted how additive manufacturing technologies have reshaped product design in the last couple of decades and are transforming the biomedical industry, by providing innovative and personalized approaches to solving healthcare problems.

Tissue engineering and biofabrication are absolutely dependent on additive manufacturing advances, as the extremely complex geometries, micro-environments and biomechanical properties of living tissues cannot be adequately mimicked by using more traditional manufacturing techniques. 

You can review the complete abstract of Prof. Lantada’s invited talk at M3d+it 2023, here.