BIOMET4D researcher an invited speaker at 11th annual Ain-Shams University International Conference

BIOMET4D researcher Dr. Nourhan Hassan from the University Hospital Cologne (UCC) has presented the BIOMET4D project at the Biotechnology session of the 11th Annual Ain Shams University International Conference through a lecture entitled “Biotechnology: from Radio-oncology to Tissue Engineering”

The conference was held at the Triumph Luxury Hotel in Cairo, Egypt from May 10-11.

Biotechnology has come a long way from its early beginnings in radiooncology to now encompassing a wide range of fields, including tissue engineering. In the field of radiooncology, biotechnology has enabled the development of new treatments and therapies that are more effective and less invasive.

Similarly, in tissue engineering, biotechnology is being used to create functional tissue constructs that can be implanted into patients to replace damaged or diseased tissues. Biotechnology has also facilitated the development of biomaterials that can be used in tissue engineering applications.

Dr. Hass was an invited speaker at the conference, where she discussed the applications of the field of biotechnology in both radiooncology and tissue engineering. She also explained how biotechnology has played a significant role in the development of new therapeutic approaches for cancer treatment, such as targeted drug delivery and immunotherapy.

Additionally, the use of biotechnology in the development of tissue engineering technologies, such as 3D printing and the use of biomaterials, to regenerate damaged or lost tissues was highlighted.