Internal initiatives

8th edition of the scientific imaging contest

We already know the winners of the 8th edition of the IMDEA Materials´ scientific imaging contest. This year the best images were: Category of charaterization Joule Heated Baobab, Anastasiia Mikhalchan and María Vélez Category of simulation:Dislocation going through a distribution of theta'

2nd IMDEA Materials Innovation Awards

On 28th of November took place the 2nd IMDEA Materials Innovation Award.  The Director of the Institute, Prof. Ignacio Romero, gave the award to Miguel Angel Valdes on his winner project entitle ““Ultra-rapid processing of advanced high strength steels”. The 2nd edition started with the last year´s

Winners of the 2016 Imaging Contest

Last Friday, June 30th, the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute gave the awards to the winners of the 2016 edition of the IMDEA Materials Imaging Contest. From left to right: Jose Luis Jimenez, Miguel Ángel Valdés, Daniel del Pozo and Miguel Monclús. The winners of this year in the

1st IMDEA Materials Institute Scientific Imaging Contest

The 1st IMDEA Materials Institute Scientific Imaging Contest took place on October 1st. Two ex-equo awards were granted to Irene De Diego, who presented a scanning electron micrograph of an advanced high strength steel, and to Hangbo Yue, who participated with an image of a natural flax fiber

The V Edition Photography awards has taken place

The success of the contest has been possible by all of the employees´s participation. Divided by categories, the winners are: Bartolomé Mas: 1st prize Materials Characterization Miguel Herráez: 1st Prize Materials Simulation Olben Falcó: 1st Prize Open Subject Marta Carton: Public

Scientific Imaging Contest 2013

The awards giving event of the 3rd IMDEA Materials Scientific Imaging Contest was held last Friday 14th of March. Competition was divided in three categories (materials characterization, materials simulation and open subject) and more than 100 photos were received. Winners of the 3rd edition were