DELIGHTED participates in the International Workshop High Strength Steels – HSS 23

The DELIGHTED consortium members played a significant role in organizing the International Workshop “High Strength Steels – HSS 23” under the umbrella of Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia, which was chaired by Ettore Anelli.

DELIGHTED consortium members, including Silvia Barella, Carlo Mapelli, Roumen Petrov and Dirk Ponge, were members of the Organizing Committee, while Ilchat Sabirov served as a co-chairman of the event.

This international Workshop aimed at sharing the knowledge about High Strength Steels and covered a very wide aspects of steel research: alloy design, HSLA steels, AHSS, thermo-mechanical processing and advanced heat treatments.

The Workshop session focused on flat, long and tubular products, weldability, Q&P, bainitic and martensitic steels, forgings, additive manufacturing and virtual simulation. The event was well attended by representatives of the academia (universities and research organizations) and industry.