Highlighting the work of IMDEA Materials in the field of regenerative medicine – El Mundo

3D-printed prosthetics tailored to individual patients and curative implants that dissolve without leaving a trace once their work is done. Sound like science fiction?

The newspaper El Mundo has published an article about the important and innovative work IMDEA Materials is doing in the field of regenerative medicine.

El Mundo spoke with IMDEA researcher and bioengineer Mónica Echeverry Rendón about her work in making reality the idea of personalised medicine.

You can read the article here (full content available in Spanish only):https://www.elmundo.es/madrid/2022/06/13/629757ade4d4d8ca038b45b8.html

IMDEA Materials scientist Mónica Echeverry Rendón is working in the field of regenerative medicine.