External use of X-Ray Tomograph DCT VERSA620


Zeiss Xradia 620 Versa laboratory tomograph with flat panel detector (3k × 2k pixels) and CCD camera (2k × 2k pixels) with the possibility of different objectives (0.4X, 4X, 20X, and 40X).

The equipment features a focused X-ray tube with a tungsten emitter and voltage up to 160 kV. This equipment allows for the acquisition of radiographs (RX) and computed tomography (XCT), as well as the possibility of performing diffraction tomography (DCT), which can determine the size and orientation of grains in metallic materials.

The spatial resolution varies between <1 µm/px and 115 µm/px, depending on the size and composition of the sample. The field of view (FOV) varies according to the required resolution.

The detector can be virtually expanded up to twice and scan the sample at different heights. The equipment features the Scout & Zoom mode, which enables the tomography of the entire sample at low resolution and detects areas of interest to be re-measured at a higher resolution without the need to manipulate the sample.

The Dual Energy mode is also available to detect phases of similar absorption. In terms of reconstruction processes, the Phase Evolve module (phase-contrast edge removal) and DeepRecon (application of Deep Learning techniques to improve the reconstructed volume) are available.

The tomography technique is very versatile, and the equipment allows scanning a wide range of materials, such as:

  • Biological samples
  • Geological samples
  • Metal alloys – lithium, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, nickel, steel, etc.
  • Composite materials – Metallic matrix, Polymeric Matric (fibreglass, carbon fiber, hybrids, etc.), Ceramic, Adhesives
Examples of applications include:
  • Geometric analysis
  • Damage analysis
  • Defece analysis
  • Porosity
  • Interconnectivity of phases, defects, porosity
  • Orientation of evaluated objects
  • 3D spatial distribution of defects, damage, phases etc.
  • Grain mapping

Some specific application examples can be found here.

Other available services include:
  • Analysis of scanned samples with different software (Avizo, VGStudio Max, Vic-2D, internally developed software)
  • In situ: Mechanical tests (tension, compression, low-frequency fatigue, temperature application (in situ ovens). For other in-siut applications, please contact us.

Responsible Scientist: Dr. Federico Sket (federico.sket@imdea.org)

Responsible technician:


SERVICERATE B (Public Research Institutions)RATE C (Private Companies)
Radiography/Tomography50 €/hour60 €/hour
In situ applicationsPlease contact usPlease contact us
Data analysisPlease contact usPlease contact us