First Year Assessment – Bárbara Bellón: Processing and microstructural characterization of Al-Cu alloys

Metallic alloys are widely used nowadays, and will be in the future, as the standard materials in engineering structural applications. Metallic materials are in constant development to optimize their properties depending on the application. Within this context, it is important to develop strategies to enhance the design of new materials by shortening the time for launch of a new alloy to the market and/or by tailoring its properties to a specific application. This can be achieved by coupling different simulations methods at different length scales. All these simulation methods have to rely on accurate experimental data for validation. Within this context, the research activities in this first year assessment were aimed at developing the experimental procedures to manufacture Al-Cu by casting under controlled experimental conditions so the relationship between processing parameters and microstructure can be used to assess the validity of multiscale modelling tools for virtual processing.

Bárbara Bellón
Sala de Seminarios – Instituto IMDEA Materiales (12:00hr)
Instituto IMDEA Materiales
Thursday, 17 November, 2016