FYA of José Ignacio Delgado Castaño entitled “Characterization and manufacturing of thermoplastics for clear aligner treatment”– March 21st, 2024.


Clear aligner treatment (CAT) is a new technique to treat malocclusions which is
on current expansion along the globe and also gaining importance in oral medicine
. Oral diseases are the third most expensive medical treatment in accumulated
numbers yearly in Europe, and the most spread oral illness type along the globe. In part due to
malocclusions, which are one of the most common oral dysfunctions.
CAT, which is currently the preferred technique to treat this type of illnesses
for patients and doctors, is based on a thermoplastic that exerts the force on
the teeth surface to move them in a bone generation and absorption phenomena.
The thermoplastic used not only should withstand the oral environment but must
be able to deliver the right amount of force as continuously as possible to make the
treatment comfortable, painless and effective, being also economically viable.
This study aims to understand what are the basic features that the thermoplastics
of the leading brands in CAT fulfil in chemical, physical, biological, mechanical and
conformability terms, and then to mimic and further enhance them using widely
available commercial raw materials, and finally implement its industrial production
and use, to make the treatment more efficient, shorter and more convenient for the
professional and the patient, while being more easily available and economic.