IMDEA Materials Celebrates Europe Day and Looks Toward European Researchers Night 2022

  • This Europe Day, IMDEA Materials has welcomed students from the University Carlos III in Madrid as part of activities organised for the European Researchers Night project.
  • The institute’s director, Prof. José Manuel Torralba, has signalled that these projects are crucial to ensure that the general public is better informed as to the work being done in research centres like IMDEA Materials.

May 10, 2022. – IMDEA Materials has marked Europe Day with a visit from some 40 students from the University Carlos III in Madrid. The Aerospace Engineering students had the opportunity to see and interact with key materials for the future of their industry which they had previously studied theoretically in the classroom. Many of the projects developed by IMDEA Materials are focused on the aerospace industry.

Prof. Torralba affirmed that, while IMDEA Materials is a Spanish institute, 55% of its researchers are from outside of Spain and that the centre is closely linked with a number of projects relating to Horizon Europe and the European Science Council. This year’s European Researchers Night will be celebrated on the 30th of September and the 1st of October.

“This year, taking advantage of the fact that today is Europe Day, we have organised this activity as the first step in our journey toward this year’s European Researchers Night on the 30th of September,” said Prof. Torralba. “These activities are aimed at putting science in the public consciousness, to better inform the public as to what scientists do and what value they add to society in a form that is more direct, open and welcoming.

If you wish to know more about our institute, IMDEA Materials offers three-month initialisation scholarships for undergraduate and masters students who are interested in joining one of Europe’s most prestigious scientific institutes.