Seminar of Dr. Mark Flores, from the Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, (USA), “Multiscale Performance Characterization of PMCs and AM-PMCs”. May 29, at 12:00 am in the Seminar Room.


Developing a multiscale paradigm requires careful investigation of composite materials at the microscale. Experimental approaches that capture progressive damage of complex heterogeneous materials would enable a new understanding of failure phenomena. To further enhance our knowledge, a near-digital twin of the microstructure provides remarkable insight into the mechanistic features that drive the behavior of the composite during loading. Air Force Research Laboratory experimental resources enable observation of progressive damage using in situ methods (Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray CT, and Radiography). X-ray nano CT can characterize the fiber shape, size, and distribution of fibers for specimens as large as 75 microns in height to procure a digital twin of the microstructure. Radiography and SEM could be used to observe the progressive failure of the microstructure. The research aims to develop a fully multiscale property that spans the microscale to the coupon for any material. This research seeks to understand how the heterogeneity of the material contributes to kink bands, shear bands, and sliding. The seminar encompasses an extensive portfolio between the sub-micron level to the sub-element scale for polymer matrix composites and additive manufacturing.