Seminar of Prof. José Manuel Torralba, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Director of IMDEA Materials Institute., entitled “Past, present and future of metallurgy: towards sustainable metallurgy”. June 28th, at 12:00 pm in the Seminar Room.


What role has metallurgy played in the technological development of our civilization as we know it? How is metallurgy linked to the so-called green technologies? How is metallurgy related to the development of new ways of generating energy? What significant challenges does metallurgy face today? What tools does metallurgy have to meet the challenges that are linked to the challenges of sustainable development? What future is open to metallurgy as an industry? What role can metallurgy play in converting our sector towards a more sustainable world?

This talk aims to answer these questions, going through some historical milestones of metallurgy, presenting the problems faced by the technology, which are closely linked to the green challenges, and pointing out the path Metallurgy should take to align itself with them.