3rd edition of the Short Thesis Talk of IMDEA Materials

Earlier this week, IMDEA Materials Institute celebrated our annual “4 Minute Thesis Talk” (4MT) (previously “3 Minute Thesis”). This event is designed to give our predoctoral researchers the opportunity to present their research projects to a general audience in just four minutes.

Through this, the institute highlights the importance of this research being carried out by IMDEA Materials’ doctoral candidates.

The Jury Prize was awarded by Isabel Gutiérrez Calderón and Marco Celentani from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

The Director’s Prize was decided by Prof. José Manuel Torralba (Director of IMDEA Materials) & Jon Molina (Deputy Director)

¡We would like to congratulate this year’s winners!

Blanca Limones Ahijón (Audience Prize), Cupid’s Engineering: Functional graft for myocardial repair

Carmen Martínez Alonso (Jury Prize), A Hydrogen car for 200$

Yunhuan Liu (Director’s Prize), Flame retardant coating

Winners 4MT
The 4MT jury

We would like to thank the rest of the participants since it was very enriching event that showcased great presentations about truly innovative work:

Andrea Gómez Fernández, Microstructural design in lightweight steels

Miguel Hernández del Valle, Accelerating nanocomposite materials discovery with self-driving labs

Yabin Hu, Mechanical fullerene metamaterials

Elena Sánchez Ahijón, Integration of Silicon Nanowires in a Solid-State Battery

Juan León Ramos, 3D printed highly fire resistant hydrogels

Jorge Valilla Robles, Harmonizing Strengths through Material Grading

We thank all those in attendance and all those who took part!

Elena Sánchez Ahijón presentation