Advanced materials, Brussels’ secret weapon to regain industrial leadership – CincoDías

In this article published yesterday in Cinco Días, Miguel Angel Rodiel, the director of projects and technology at the IMDEA Materials Institute, explains the importance of materials to increase the industrial and technological competitiveness of the European Union.

“If Europe is not able to develop its own technological capabilities in advanced materials, from the extraction of raw materials, through the manufacturing of final products, to their reuse and recycling, it will continue to depend on other countries outside the EU, especially from China, so that their companies can continue manufacturing and selling,” explains Miguel Ángel.

You can find the full article, “Advanced materials, Brussels’ secret weapon to regain industrial leadership”, at this link: Materiales avanzados, el arma secreta de Bruselas para recuperar el liderazgo industrial | Economía nacional e internacional | Cinco Días (