CIMNE – IMDEA Materials Workshop

On April 13, a bilateral technical meeting was held between the International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) and the IMDEA Materials Institute. Twelve researchers from both institutions attended the workshop, which took place at IMDEA Materials’ facilities in Tecnogetafe, with the aim of enhancing the collaboration in R&D lines related to materials science and engineering which are currently of high interest both for the scientific community and for the industry. Among the discussed areas of collaboration, the participants of the workshop highlighted the need and opportunity to join efforts in the research and development of the additive manufacturing of metals, the advanced manufacturing based on new ICT technologies, and the fire resistance of polymer-based materials.

From left to right: Prof. Michele Chiumenti (CIMNE – Industrial Processes Group), Prof. Santiago Badia (CIMNE – Large-scale Scientific Computing Group), Dr. Cláudio Lopes (IMDEA researcher), Dr. Carlos González (IMDEA researcher), Dr. Wenda Li (IMDEA researcher), Mr. Ángel Diego Priegue (CIMNE TIC), Prof. Eugenio Oñate (Director of CIMNE), Dr. Teresa Pérez (Deputy director of IMDEA), Prof. Ignacio Romero (Director of IMDEA), Dr. Fernando Salazar (CIMNE Madrid), Dr. Julio Martí (CIMNE – Risk Assessment Group).