Congress AMPT2015

Organized by IMDEA Materials Institute and the Carlos III University of Madrid, was held in Leganés, on the campus of the University, between 14 and 18 December, the Congress in Advanced Materials and Processing Technologies AMPT2015.

The congress was attended by 450 people from over 50 countries (still important participation of German, Japanese and French scientists, besides the Spanish attendees). The conference is part of a series of congresses that has moved around the world since 1993 and this year has fulfilled its issue number 18. As the general umbrella of the congress Engineering Materials and Processing, this time the Congress has focused in 12 special symposiums on:

  • Advanced Functional Materials: From Synthesis to Application
  • Advanced Materials for Energy Applications
  • Aluminium-based materials: processing, microstructure, properties, and recycling
  • Characterization and modeling of radiation effects across classes of materials
  • Frontiers in Intermetallics
  • Industrializing Additive Manufacturing Technologies
  • New approaches for novel cermets
  • New steels for applications under extreme conditions
  • New thin-films for active corrosion protection
  • New Trends in Powder metallurgy
  • Porous materials: manufacturing methods, properties and applications
  • Titanium alloys: plastic deformation, powder technology, properties and applications

The conference also served to pay tribute to two great teachers and scientists meanings especially in the development of advanced materials and their processing: Prof. Bernd Kieback (University of Dresden) and Prof. I. S. Jawahir (University of Kentucky).  Both were granted the gold medal “William Johnson,” for his merits in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.