Dr. De-Yi Wang selected as Associated Editor of Nanomaterials and Energy Journal

Dr. De-Yi Wang, head of the High Performance Polymer Nanocomposites group at IMDEA Materials Institute, has been selected as Associate Editor of Nanomaterials and Energy journal. Nanomaterials and Energy is an international peer viewed journal that issued by Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) publishing that brings together research from scientists and engineers working at the intersection of nanomaterials and energy, helping identify new and ever more efficient energy sources with a cost-benefit focus. The journal’s multidisciplinary nature will enable scientists and engineers in fields such as metallurgy; materials science; chemical, mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering; chemistry; physics; mathematics and computer science to contribute and help build a sustainable future.

The following topics, but not limited, are welcomed to this journal:

  • Nanomaterials, their growth mechanisms, structure-property composition and processing relationships
  • Energy materials at the nano-scale
  • Organisation of nanomaterials in electronic, optical, magnetic or mechanical devices
  • Energy applications of nanomaterials including photovoltaics, batteries and photocatalysts
  • Materials for efficient energy conversion, storage and transport, thermoelectrics, and bio-fuel cells

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De-Yi Wang. Editorial for Themed Issue-Combustion and Polymer Composites- in Nanomaterials and Energy. Volume 3, Issue 1, Page 1-2