Dr. Yuwen Cui elected as ASM committee member

During the past TMS2014 annual meeting and exhibition (San Diego, USA, 16-20/02/2014), Dr. Yuwen Cui was appointed as committee member of the ASM Alloy Phase Diagram (APD) for the next three years. ASM International is a materials science and engineering society where materials users, producers, and manufacturers converge to do business. APD committee members are experts in the field of phase diagrams and:

  • Provide oversight and guidance for the involvement in alloy phase diagram data activities.
  • Serve on the selection committee for the J. Willard Gibbs Phase Equilibria Award.
  • Monitor the technical standards of ASM’s phase diagram products and provide input during product development.
  • Maintain continual surveillance of the technical quality of "Journal of Phase Diagram and Diffusion" and advise the editor and staff on technical matters.
  • Organize programming for the annual “Phase Stability, Diffusion, and Kinetics (PSDK)” symposium at MS&T and for related symposium at TMS.