Driving the future: A Year of Success for the ‘I Investigate’ program at IMDEA Materials Institute

With the arrival of September, IMDEA Materials is bidding farewell to many of the young researchers and support staff who have joined the Institute in the last 12 months as part of the ‘I Investigate Programme’.

The I Investigate Programme, managed by the Community of Madrid, is funded through the European Union’s Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan – NextGenerationEU.

It is aimed at young individuals between 16 and 29 years old who, due to their academic profile, can participate in projects as technologists, researchers, technical personnel, and other professional profiles in R&D&i for the implementation of innovation projects and R&D&i departments.

This year’s I Investigate Program cohort at IMDEA Materials Institute: Daniel Rey, Carlota Corchado, Blanca Limones, Patricia Paramio, Alba Pascual, Alicia Montero, Juan León, Rafael Tomey and Paul Williams. Not pictured: Lucía Echevarría, Jorge Martínez and Víctor López.

During their time with us, this year’s cohort of young professionals has been involved in a wide variety of research projects related to healthcare, data science focused on data analysis through artificial intelligence, big data and small data, ecological transition, and green economy.

In addition to research roles, several of the program beneficiaries have taken on positions related to management and IT.

IMDEA Materials would like to acknowledge the hard and valuable work of Rafael Tomey, Patricia Paramio, Blanca Limones, Carlota Corchado, Alba Pascual, Alicia Montero, Paul Williams, Daniel Rey, Juan León, Lucía Echevarría, Víctor López, and Jorge Martínez, several of whom will continue at the Institute beyond the completion of the program in different roles.

Montero, a 25-year-old vocational training student, tells us that she saw the program as the perfect opportunity to advance in her professional career.

“I saw it as an excellent job and personal development opportunity,” she said. “My recommendation for future individuals who want to access these types of programs is to value them, as they offer a very good opportunity for personal and professional development.”