Excellence in research at the intersection between science, engineering and medicine.

From 15th to 17th June at IMDEA Materials Institute the international congress “Research, Innovation and Leadership at the Crossroads of Science, Engineering and Medicine” will be held.  Experts worldwide will analyze interdisciplinary research for the future at the point of intersection between science of materials, mechanic engineering and biology.

The “Research, Innovation and Leadership at the Crossroads of Science, Engineering and Medicine” congress has been organized on the occasion of Prof Subra Suresh’s 60th birthday. Prof. Suresh, president of the Carnegie-Mellon University is the sole president of a United States university that is member of the three Science, Engineering and Medicine academies.  He has been a pioneer for the interdisciplinary research which has allowed to achieve important breakthroughs in the diagnosis and healing of endemic illnesses like malaria.

In addition to an outstanding career as a researcher, Prof. Suresh has singled-out as well for his leadership in the scientific policies field: first as Dean of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and lately as Director of the National Science Foundation of the United States.


The congress includes three thematic sessions dedicated to Science of Materials, Mechanic Engineering and Biology research, where the latest research achievements will be presented.   Each session features three plenary conferences conducted by worldwide relevant researches.  As well as, round tables where challenges to be conquered will be discussed.  Furthermore, a session on leadership and scientific policy will be held.

The congress will be inaugurated by the Education, Youth and Sports Counsellor of the Comunidad de Madrid, Prof. Rafael van Grieken, and will be closed by Dr. Marina Villegas, General Director of Scientific and Technical Research Spain. Moreover, relevant personalities are participating in the congress like, Dr. M. Heitor, Portugal´s Ministry of Science, Technology and Education, K. Gopalakrishnan, co-founder  and former CEO of Infosys, Prof. P. Gudmundson, President of the Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, Prof. C. Ortiz, Dean of Graduate Education of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Prof. C.F. Shih, former President of the  National University of Singapore and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia.