Scientific Highlight: Fire retardant battery materials

IMDEA Materials is working on new battery materials that combine electrochemical integrity and enhanced fire safety.

Fig. 1 below shows a fully solid-state battery based on a HKUST-1 MOF modified electrolyte with simultaneously improved electrochemical performance and fire safety was successfully fabricated. In Fig. 2 a highly flame-retardant phosphazene based gel polymer electrolyte was used to fabricate a lithium-ion battery with simultaneously improved fire retardancy and electrochemical properties.

These type of batteries have the potential to reduce the huge costs that result due to fire accidents originating from lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and other electronics.

Fig. 1: HKUST-1 MOF modified PEO solid state electrolyte with simultaneously enhanced fire safety (42% reduced peak heat release rate) and electrochemical performance.
Fig. 2: Phosphazene modified PVDF-HFP gel polymer electrolytes with simultaneously enhanced fire safety (>100s of delayed ignition) and electrochemical performance

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