Scientific Highlight: Fire retardant reprocessable epoxy-based composites

IMDEA Materials has developed a technology to produce Reprocessable Epoxy Resin (REP) composites with excellent fire retardancy and re-processability. Compared with pure epoxy resin with a Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) of 21.7 % and no rating in vertical burning test (UL-94), recyclable epoxy resin only with 3 wt% fire retardant acquired a LOI value of 27.8% and passed V-0 degree. Based on the results of cone calorimeter test, REP composites containing 4wt% fire retardant had excellent self-extinguish, showing the 43.5% drop of the peak heat release rate.

Fig. 1. LOI value of the reprocessable epoxy resins

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