First Year Assestment: Hugo Mora – Development and characterisation of advanced coatings on nanostructured titanium for biomedical applications

Ti-based materials are one of the most important materials used in biomedical engineering. Recently, commercially pure (CP) Ti has attracted significant attention of research community due to its full biocompatibility with human body, and there is an ongoing demand to improve its mechanical properties without sacrificing other beneficial properties. A possible approach to achieving this aim is to use the method of severe plastic deformation (SPD) to obtain an ultra-fine grained (UFG) microstructure. Significant grain refinement by SPD processing leads to an improvement of mechanical and functional properties of CP Ti, though it remain bioinert. The main objective of this work is to improve bioactivity of UFG CP Ti by surface engineering which includes surface design by chemical etching or deposition of bioactive coatings. In this FYA presentation, it is shown that the bioactivity of UFG CP Ti can be improved by the chemical etching of the surface if a required surface topography is generated. Microstructural and mechanical characterization of TiO2 coatings deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition technique is also presented. Future work to be carried out in frame of this PhD thesis is discussed.

Hugo Mora
Sala de Seminarios (13.00hrs.)
Instituto IMDEA Materiales.
Friday, 16 December, 2016