FYA of Marcos Rodríguez entitled, “Laser Powder Bed Fusion of a Soft Magnetic Bulk Metallic Glass for Energy-Saving Applications”. June 19, at noon in the Seminar Room.


Fe-based soft magnetic bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) have shown unprecedented magnetization saturation and coercivity values and are thus envisioned as potential candidates to increase the efficiency of electromagnetic components. Laser powder bed fusion (LBPF) allows to manufacture relatively large BMG parts while retaining an amorphous microstructure due to high local cooling rates. However, in practice, the thermal cycles generated in the layer-wise LBPF process tend to cause undesired crystallization. To date, finding optimum LPBF processing conditions that yield, simultaneously, high densities and high fractions of the amorphous phase, which give rise to the desired mechanical and magnetic performance, remains a challenge.

This work provides a thorough study of the effect of processing parameters on the resulting (micro)structure and properties of a commercial Fe-based amorphous alloy. The relationship between internal defects, mechanical properties and soft magnetic behaviour is established, defining guidelines for the successful additive manufacturing of Fe-based BMGs LPBF.