Great work of our workers at the Madrid Fair for Science and Innovation 2019 last March.

This year’s Madrid Fair for Science and Innovation was a great opportunity to have been able to transmit the research of excellence in science and materials engineering to all those in attendance.

Helping to awaken the interest to solve the challenges of society and promote sustainable development in Madrid. Researchers from IMDEA Materials showed the importance of studying new materials, how to improve current ones through new additives or novel manufacturing processes, as well as their study by computational calculations.

All this for applications in various fields, from aeronautics to biomaterials. Experiments, demonstrators and videos were shown on the main R & D activities in IMDEA Materials.

Thanks to Dr. Juan Pedro Fernández, Dr. Damien Tourret, Dr. Daniel Cintora, Dr. Juan José Vilatela, Alejandro Rodríguez, Verónica Fernández-Luna García, Dr. Joseba Múgica, Alvaro Doñoro, Dr. Cristina Pascual, Jimena de la Vega, Andrea Fernández, Jaime Castro, Dr. Andrea García-Junceda. A success thanks to them!!