“Great women” researchers on the “big screen” at The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid 2020

Last Friday, November 27, the Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid once again hosted the activity that the IMDEA Institutes organize within The European Researchers’ Night in Madrid, coordinated by the Madrimasd Foundation for Knowledge.

The activity of -Great Scientists on the “Big Screen” – began with two researchers from IMDEA Materials. Eugenia Nieto, a predoctoral researcher, began by telling us about Emily Roebling who was the one who led the Brooklyn Bridge construction project, although she was not recognized as such until a century later. Our colleague Monica Chavarry, a postdoctoral researcher, then spoke to us about Rita Levi-Montalcini, a 1986 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and a member of the team that discovered the first known growth factor in the nervous system.

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And in the following link you can see the video of the activity as it was broadcast live from the Madrid Student Residence: