IMDEA Materials Institute opens its doors to celebrate Science Week with the researchers of the future

During Science Week 2023, IMDEA Materials Institute opened its doors for two visits from students in the Community of Madrid, one from Retamar School and another from the European University of Madrid.

School visits play a fundamental role in the mission of IMDEA Materials, which aims to inspire and encourage the interest of young talents in the study of careers related to materials science.

In the two visits, which took place on November 8 and 15, students had the opportunity to tour the Institute’s facilities and explore our laboratories. They also had the chance to interact with some of our predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers, gaining a firsthand insight into what it’s like to conduct scientific research in a renowned institute like IMDEA Materials.

Dr. Miguel Monclús and researcher Lucía Cobían, who are currently working on the European project MOAMMM focused on optimizing additive manufacturing processes, explained to visitors what metamaterials are. Additionally, they presented techniques for mechanical characterization and simulation at different scales.

In addition, the students participated in a workshop led by Dr. Raquel Sánchez, Dr. Monsur Islam, and Yawad Sbihi, where they explored how polymeric materials are capable of generating flexible and adaptable devices, imitating the movement of living systems.

Finally, Dr. Adrian Boccardo, a member of our Materials Processing Modeling and Simulation research group and a beneficiary of the Marie-Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) program, gave a talk on the application of mathematics, physics, and computing to simulate structural transformations in materials.

If you work in an institute or university and wish to have your students visit the IMDEA Materials Institute to learn about the opportunities offered in an internationally recognized institution, feel free to contact us at We will do our best to organize a visit as soon as possible.