IMDEA Materials Institute researchers well represented among the world’s top scientists

  • 10 IMDEA Materials scientists have been included in Stanford University’s annual lists of the world’s top 2% of scientists. The rankings, which include separate lists dedicated to research activities from the previous 12 months and on lifetime achievement, are based on standardised citation indicators. The records of more than 8 million active scientists worldwide are evaluated in compiling the final lists.

IMDEA Materials Institute’s reputation as a centre of international reference in the field of materials science and engineering has been further bolstered by the inclusion of 10 researchers in Stanford University’s annual ranking of the world’s top scientists.

Stanford’s ranking is based on bibliometric data from the Scopus database, and is considered the most prestigious of its kind. It considers information relating to the number of citations per publication (h-index) and the researcher’s relevance to the published works (hm-index).

The highest ranking IMDEA Materials’ researcher on both the yearly and career achievement lists was the Institute’s Scientific Director, Prof. Javier Llorca, who was considered among the leading 0.25% of all scientists globally.

The head of IMDEA Materials’ Bio/Chemo/Mechanics of Materials group was also considered one of the world’s top 350 researchers in the subfield of materials science.

Other IMDEA Materials scientists on the 2022 list based on their most recent research include the Institute’s Director, Prof. José Manuel Torralba, Prof. Javier Segurado, Prof. De-Yi Wang, Dr. Jon Molina, Dr. Teresa Pérez Prado, Dr. Maciej Haranczyk, Dr. Ilchat Sabirov and Dr. Rouhollah Tavakoli. 

Prof. Carlos González, leader of the Institute’s Structural Composites group, featured in the lifetime achievement researcher rankings, along with Prof. Llorca.

Also featured are Prof. Torralba (Sustainable Powder Technologies), Prof. Segurado (Multiscale Materials Modelling), Prof. Wang (High Performance Polymers and Fire Retardants), Dr. Pérez Prado (Sustainable Metallurgy) and Dr. Sabirov (Physical Simulation).

The list represents more than half of IMDEA Materials’ current principal researchers.

Dr. Rouhollah Tavakoli, of the Institute’s Modelling and Simulation of Materials Processing group, was the only postdoctoral researcher to earn representation alongside his more senior scientific colleagues. It was Dr. Tavakoli’s second consecutive year in the rankings.

Prof. Torralba said that IMDEA Materials’ strong representation among the world’s top 2% of scientists was yet another indication of the Institute’s high standing in the international scientific community.

“IMDEA Materials is a centre that conducts scientific research of the highest level,” he said. “It’s an elite centre which has been recognized by the Spanish government as a centre of excellence María de Maeztu since 2019.”

“This ranking is one more indication that we are on the right track and that the researchers at the Institute are among the best in the world.”

The complete Stanford University list of the world’s top 2% of scientists can be found here: