IMDEA Materials participates in SM@RTM project to improve competitiveness of RTM processes

The Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process offers great advantages in the manufacture of high performance composite materials, such as the ability to obtain geometries with high surface finish and dimensions close to the final geometry (net-shape), high mechanical properties and reduction of working times and resource consumption.

The SM@RTM project aims to improve the competitiveness of these processes, using predictive digital technologies, in-situ process monitoring and automated control systems, providing support at all stages of production.

IMDEA Materials will provide proven expertise in the main research lines of the project such as:

➡ The manufacturing and mechanical testing of composite parts.
➡ The integration of sensors in RTM processes and data capture.
➡ The development of behavioral models for composite materials based on their physical mechanisms of deformation and fracture.
➡ Simulation of fluid dynamics.
➡ Artificial intelligence and the development of digital twins of manufacturing processes.

Prof. Carlos Gonzalez, head of our Structural Composite Materials group, will lead IMDEA Materials’ research in the project.

SM@RTM is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and subsidised by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). It involves the participation of CITD Engineering & Technologies, Syspro Automation, IDAERO, Compoxi, AIMEN Technology Center and IMDEA Materials Institute.