IMDEA Materials’ Scientific Director, Prof. Javier LLorca, appointed Honorary Professor at Yanshan University

IMDEA Materials Institute’s Scientific Director, Prof. Javier LLorca, has been appointed as an Honorary Professor at China’s Yanshan University (YSU).

The appointment is a first step in strengthening the collaboration between IMDEA Materials and YSU, one of the top-ranked Chinese universities in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.

It is also one of the largest and most prestigious universities in China’s Hebei province with more than 40,000 students and 300 faculty, one of whom is Dr. Sha Liu, a former Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at IMDEA Materials Institute.

IMDEA Materials’ Scientific Director, Prof. Javier LLorca is pictured with Yanshan University academic staff members after being appointed Honorary Professor. IMDEA Materials Institute MSCA postdoctoral fellow and current Yanshan University professor, Dr. Sha Liu, is also pictured (far left).

Dr. Liu is now a full professor at the Unviersity and was present for the ceremony in which Prof. LLorca received his honorary appointment from YSU President Prof. Zhao Dingxuan. Prof. LLorca, as well as being IMDEA Materials’ Scientific Director, is the leader the institute’s Bio/Chemo/Mechanics of Materials research group.

The next step in the growing collaboration between the two institutions will be to establish a shared Ph.D. program that will allow predoctoral students from YSU to realise part of their Ph.D. at IMDEA Materials Institute in Madrid.

Under such an arrangement, their doctoral theses will be co-advised by professors and principal investigators from both IMDEA Materials and YSU.