IMDEA Materials webinar: “Powder metallurgy: an opportunity to approach the materials challenges”

IMDEA Materials Institute launches the first episode of a scientific – technological webinar series given by its principal investigators . The aim is to disseminate the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years in order to study, develop and process better materials that can contribute to solutions to societal challenges such as reducing transport associated pollution thanks to lighter, multifunctional and stronger materials, storing and managing energy in different ways and developing methods that can help producing materials in a cost-effective and greener way.

In this first webinar, that will take place the 2nd of April at 12.00 pm Madrid time, Prof. José Manuel Torralba (Researcher at IMDEA Materials) will talk about “Powder metallurgy: an opportunity to approach the materials challenges”. More specifically, the webinar will cover the following topics:

  • The limits of the technology are the limits in materials behaviour.
  • High temperature, aggressive environments, biocompatible implants,… depends on materials solutions.
  • Powder metallurgy offers new processing ways to obtain outstanding properties.
  • Powder metallurgy is also a green technology.
  • Powder metallurgy is, sometimes, the unique way to develop “the best” material.
  • Powder metallurgy is an opportunity to develop new materials with outstanding properties.

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