IMDEA Materials will host the First International Workshop on Multi-functional Nanocarbon Fibres

The First International Workshop on Multi-functional Nanocarbon Fibres, which will take place at the IMDEA Materials Institute between 27-29 June, 2018, will gather leading researchers around the globe working on nanocarbons, with a view to developing the next generation of functional carbon fibres and fabrics and discussing future challenges. This workshop constitutes a satellite meeting of the Carbon 2018 Conference, which will be held in Madrid. 

The coherent assembly of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and/or graphene into continuous macroscopic fibres has proven to be an efficient route to exploit functional properties of these novel materials. Fibre and film architectures have enabled the fabrication of several systems and components, such as composites, energy-storage devices, solar harvesting devices and sensors The outstanding properties of highly-engineered CNT yarns, and the rapid pace of scale-up in Asia, Europe and the US, confirms the technological maturity and relevance of these nanocarbon fibre materials. However, it is also important to synthesise smart fibres and fabrics with specific functionalities. In this context, the controlled synthesis and characterisation of these molecular solids is both exciting and challenging. Their hierarchical structure has also made it difficult to establish structure-property relations in nanocarbon-based fibres. Consequently, there are multiple challenges ahead and these will be presented and discussed in this international workshop. 

The topics covered by the workshop include experiment and/or theory research on CNT- and/or graphene-based fibres, with a particular interest in:

  • Synthesis (CVD, wet-spinning, purification)
  • Mechanical properties
  • Transport properties
  • Energy storage and harvesting (Solar, piezoelectric)
  • Composites
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Processes and Industrialisation