Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A publishes 8 papers from TKM-2013 workshop

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A publishes a total of eight papers from TKM-2013 workshop in its Issue 4, April 2014. The selected papers (see list below), starting with a review in phase-field modeling of polycrystalline solidification, principally appear in order consistently with the conference topics, i.e., thermodynamics, kinetics, microstructure, and applications in design/control.

TKM-2013 workshop was held at IMDEA Materials Institute past June 3 & 4, 2013. The symposium was co-organized by Prof. José Manuel Torralba and Dr. Yuwen Cui.

  • E-SYMP-13-628-A, Phase-Field Modeling of Polycrystalline Solidification: From Needle Crystals to Spherulites-A Review, László Gránásy, László Rátkai, Attila Szállás, Bálint Korbuly, Gyula I. Tóth, László Környei, Tamás Pusztai.
  • E-SYMP-13-820-A, Thermodynamic Properties of Elements and Compounds in Al-Sc Binary System from Ab Initio Calculations Based on Density Functional Theory, Zeyou Zhou, Bo Wu, Shushi Dou, Chunfeng Zhao, Yuanpeng Xiong, Yufeng Wu, Shangjin Yang, Zhenyi Wei.
  • E-SYMP-13-822-A, Oxide Transformation in Cr-Mn-Prealloyed Sintered Steels: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects, Eduard Hryha, Lars Nyborg.
  • E-SYMP-13-1211-A, Design of Low-Melting Point Compositions Suitable for Transient Liquid Phase Sintering of PM Steels Based on aThermodynamic and Kinetic Study, Elena Bernardo, Raquel de Oro,  Mónica Campos,  José Manuel Torralba.
  • E-SYMP-13-693-A, The Development of the Low-Cost Titanium Alloy Containing Cr and Mn Alloying Elements, Kailiang Zhu, Na Gui, Tao Jiang, Ming Zhu, Xionggang Lu, Jieyu Zhang, Chonghe Li.
  • E-SYMP-13-823-A, Austenite Formation in a Cold-Rolled Semi-austenitic Stainless Steel, Carola Celada Casero, David San Martín.
  • E-SYMP-13-829-A, Effect of Prior Austenite Grain Size on Pearlite Transformation in a Hypoeuctectoid Fe-C-Mn Steel, M. M. Aranda, B. Kim, R. Rementeria, C. Capdevila, C. García de Andrés.
  • E-SYMP-13-812-A, Design of the precipitation process for Ni-Al alloys with optimal, mechanical properties: a phase-field study, NA TA, LIJUN ZHANG, YONG DU