New members of the IMDEA Materials Institute team – October, 2022

Every month, we welcome new members of the IMDEA Materials team. Here, you can find a short profile of our most recent additions.

 Burcu Ozdemir

 My name is Burcu Ozdemir and I am from Bursa, Turkey. I recently completed my   Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering at the Istanbul Technical   University in Turkey and this is my first predoctoral position. I will be working in the   Computational and Data-Driven Materials Discovery, and High Performance Polymer   Nanocomposites groups.

 I decided to join IMDEA Materials as it is an institute focused on material technology   and offers the opportunity to work with novel material technologies. I moved to Madrid   one month ago and I really like the city, weather and, more importantly, the people.   That’s why I am happy to be in IMDEA and Madrid. Apart from working, I love to cook,   swim, and just wander around the city. Hope to see you guys in more activities!

 Paul Williams

 My name is Paul Williams and I am from Tenerife, Spain. I recently completed my   Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at the Autonomous University of Madrid and this is my   first predoctoral position. I will be working in the Bio / Chemo / Mechanics of Materials   group in developing new zinc alloys for cardiovascular stents.

 I decided to join IMDEA Materials because it has an excellent reputation and is a great   place to develop my skills as a researcher. I was born in Spain and I have always lived   here, although most of my family is from England, hence my name and appearance!   Apart from my research, I also love playing football and enjoy spending time with   friends and family.

 Qi Chen

 My name is Qi Chen. I come from Shandong Province, China. I have got a master’s   degree from Fujian Normal University. I will join Deyi Wang’s High Performance   Polymer Nanocomposites research group and my research project is the application of biobased flame-retardant materials in lithium-ion batteries.

 I wanted to join IMDEA because it provides a good research platform, and I am   interested in cutting-edge research. In my life, I like travelling, reading and   walking. And I like to try new things.

Jorge Martínez

Biography to come.