Professor Javier Llorca, Director of IMDEA-Materials, has been awarded the annual research award of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

Professor Llorca has dedicated more that 25 years to research in the field of Materials Science and Engineering. His research activity has been focused on the analysis of the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties in advanced structural materials. In particular, he has developed novel multiscale simulation strategies to predict the macroscopic mechanical behaviour of materials from microstructural information as well as experimental characterization techniques to measure mechanical properties of materials under extreme conditions at microscopic and macroscopic levels. His contributions –particularly in the area of composite materials- have had a wide impact in the scientific community. With more than 130 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals and a h-index of 30, Prof. Llorca is one of the Spanish engineers whose scientific contributions have had a major international impact.

The award ceremony will be held on January 28th, in the Paraninfo of theUPM.

Link to the interview of Professor Llorca, Madri+d