Funding: G.D. of Universities and Research, Madrid Regional Government
Region: Regional
Project period: 2010 – 2013
Partners: Rey Juan Carlos University (Coordinator), Polytechnic University of Madrid, Carlos III University of Madrid and Complutense University of Madrid.
Principal Investigator: Dr. María Teresa Pérez-Prado (teresa.perez.prado@imdea.org)

ESTRUMAT is a program of R&D Activities whose aim is to boost the scientific collaboration and the common use of the research facilities and resources of seven groups established in the Madrid Region working in Materials Science and Engineering. The team is formed by six groups from four Universities and one group of IMDEA Materials Institute. The general objective is to develop advanced processing technologies, as well as the characterization (microstructural, chemical and mechanical), modeling and design of novel structural materials with optimized properties for industrial applications.

The goals of the program are divided into two main areas:

1. Materials for extreme working conditions. Aimed to improve the behavior of materials under very aggressive environments, including high temperatures, dynamic (impact) deformation, radiation, etc…

2. Materials with high specific properties (property/density). Development of metallic materials, ceramics, organics and their composites, sandwich structures, and other multimaterials for structural applications in high demand. The development of porous materials and foams is also included

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